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What themes were explored at the #UnusualSuspects festival 2014 and what's in store for 2015?

Gulbenkian UK @CGF_UK
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Gulbenkian UK @CGF_UK
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The Unusual Suspects: Unlikely Connections for Social Change

A three day international festival of ideas, solutions and debate exploring what happens when Social Innovation meets Collaboration, and how together we can meet some of society's most pressing challenges

Making positive change happen can sometimes be difficult. Profound social, economic and political shifts are changing the nature of government, business and civil society and entrenched social problems such as inequality, poverty and worklessness are not going away. Challenges for society are multiple and acute.

We must navigate these challenges by working together differently. Today's creative leaders already know that we must break out of our silos and innovate new and better solutions. We need to create cultures and systems that foster collaboration and social innovation in order to adapt, reform and effect future change.

From 3-5 September 2014, the Social Innovation Exchange and Collaborate, with support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch), are hosting 'The Unusual Suspects: Unlikely Connections for Social Change' in various locations throughout London. The festival aims to bring together 'unusual suspects' - individuals and organisations from youth clubs to royal societies who are making real social change happen by working together in new and different ways.

This collection of events will ensure that those working to collaborate and improve public services in the UK can draw from the growing field of international social innovation, tapping into a global repository of ideas, methods and people which they might not otherwise be aware of. In the same way, the social innovation community can learn from direct exposure to a different set of issues and actors who are tackling social challenges everyday. By blending international expertise and innovation with local thinking and practice from across the UK and in highlighting issues such as youth resilience post-financial crisis, an ageing population, shaping citizen centred public services and minimalising a digital divide among others, the festival aims to explore the potential of collaboration and social innovation against some key issues for public and social policy in the UK and beyond. 

This collection of events is not to be missed. Visit 'The Unusual Suspects' website or contact Henry Kippin (email: or Louise Pulford (email: for further information.