To increase knowledge about transitions in later life and secure more appropriate responses to the issues they create for older people...

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Our long-term aim is reduced loneliness in later life, with people in mid-life becoming happier, more resilient and better supported to respond positively to change. Our approach is summarised here.

Transitions in later life can include:

  • retirement;
  • moving home;
  • becoming a grandparent;
  • relationship breakdown;
  • becoming a carer, bereavement;
  • acquiring a long-term health condition;
  • entering a care environment;
  • preparing for the end of life 

    We believe that improving the ability of people to manage potentially destabilising and distressing transitions can significantly enhance their wellbeing.

    Through our Transitions in later life strand, we are looking at what works in supporting people during the transition of retirement and at how therapeutic support and techniques can help build psychological resilience.

    In developing this work, we will draw on knowledge from work we have already supported including:

  • a review of literature, evaluation and practice by Guy Robertson;
  • a project with the Shaftesbury Partnerhship to develop the Retirement Transition Initiative (RTI);
  • work with the Campaign to End Loneliness, exploring 'future-proofing' for ageing.

    In July we hosted a learning session to discuss what we already know about transitions in mid and later life.

    We have undertaken research to identify key stakeholders with expertise in the transition to retirement and with expertise in therapeutic techniques to help build psychological resilience, We will be organising design events in early 2015 with these stakeholders to help us identify priorities for this Transitions in later life strand.

    In October we launched a blog as part of an online engagement to assist the Foundation in identifying ways of supporting people through later life changes. We encourage people to visit the site, suggest resources and join the discussion so as to inform us in the development of this strand of work.  

    Transitions in Later Life: Summarising Our Approach PDF Download
    2014-2019 Strategy Leaflet PDF Download


    Image: IntergenerationAll pilot, Lambhill Stables Charity, with volunteers balanced across the generations and from key partner organisations, is restoring and enhancing the existing Lambhill Stables building as an important historical landmark and environmental amenity. Photo: Lambhill Stables Charity