Fulfillling Potential

To assist the most disadvantaged in society to fulfil their potential by building connections and developing opportunities…

OUR THEMES                                  


  • we will help improve the quality and coherence of services for individuals facing multiple needs and exclusions through support of the Making Every Adult Matter coalition (latest Progress Report available here) and its work to help local areas design and deliver coordinated service interventions.

  • we will support connections for older people and across generations, including through measures which tackle loneliness in older age, in particular the Campaign to End Loneliness to advocate nationally and locally their key message that loneliness is a health issue.

  • we will be developing a new activity strand examining transitions in later life which has the long-term aim of reducing loneliness in later life, with people in mid-life becoming happier, more resilient and better supported to respond positively to change. We believe that improving the ability of people to manage destabilising and distressing transitions can significantly enhance their well-being.

2014-2019 Strategy Leaflet PDF Download
Image: IntergenerationAll pilot, Lambhill Stables Charity, with volunteers balanced across the generations and from key partner organisations, is restoring and enhancing the existing Lambhill Stables building as an important historical landmark and environmental amenity. Photo: Lambhill Stables Charity