IntergenerationAll pilot, 100 Women

In 2014 we will continue to identify new partnerships and focus on areas where we may have most impact. The majority of our work is proactive.



Whilst most of our support is proactive, funding is available to support a very small number of truly exceptional ideas and/or projects that contribute to meeting the identified objectives under our three main themes: Cultural Understanding, Fulfilling Potential and Environment.

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Sharing the Stage: An analysis of long-listed expressions of interest PDF Download
Transitions in Later Life learning seminar report PDF Download
Greening the Economy 2009-13 PDF Download
How we work - a briefing note for partners PDF Download
Annual Review 2013/2014 PDF Download


During 2014 we will continue to develop partnerships and activities under our core themes. We place a particular emphasis on maximising the beneficial impact of our work through encouraging cross-border exchanges of lessons and experiences.

2014-2019 Strategy Leaflet PDF Download
How we work - a Briefing Note for Partners PDF Download


    • To achieve a greater impact, we are supporting fewer organisations with larger amounts of money.
    • We work proactively by identifying needs and collaborating with a number of key organisations to help meet them.
    • These partnerships and activities are selected by the Foundation and are time-limited.
    • Occasionally, we will invite new funding proposals for specific initiatives.
    • We place an emphasis on evaluating the impact achieved and communicating the lessons to those who can take these forward and help exact a greater impact.


      The UK Branch of the Foundation supports only not-for-profit organisations based in the UK and Republic of Ireland. We support projects outside London in preference to those based in the capital. Although we establish partnerships at national, regional and local levels, we want to ensure that we support projects that have a benefit beyond the locality in which they are situated, and which have potential for future international application.


      Image: IntergenerationAll pilot, 100 Women, a  project set up by City Gateway to celebrate 100 women's lives and stories and to help build better understanding across different generations and cultural groups and with the community around them. Photo: City Gateway, Tower Hamlets